Window Repairs

Specialists in the repair of uPVC windows. All types of locks, handles and hinges (friction stays) repaired or replaced. Aluminium and Timber also repaired



This type of window is now the most popular in the country. Unfortunately, the UPVC industry has a high rate of casualties as far as Companies going out of business is concerned. This means that people are left with guarantees and no one to honour them. We deal with all types of repairs associated with UPVC windows.

We can: –

  • Replace faulty glass double glazed units
  • Repair or replace broken or faulty multipoint locking mechanisms
  • Repair or replace broken or faulty hinges (friction stays)
  • Replace broken or faulty handles (in all colours)
  • Repair scratched or damaged UPVC frames in white, Woodgrain or Light Oak
  • Upgrade hinges in bedrooms to Fire Escape or easy egress friction stays
  • Repair or replace faulty gaskets, eliminating draughts.
  • Re-set opening vents so they sit squarely in their apertures.
  • Repair or replace broken or faulty Tilt & Turn mechanisms



As with UPVC windows we can in most cases carry out the same level of repairs. However, generally speaking aluminium window installations are older than UPVC installations. This coupled with some of the methods of manufacture, these windows can be time consuming when a repair is needed. For example, with the majority of friction stays on UPVC windows these are screwed to the frame, with aluminium they are nearly always riveted, which makes replacement more difficult. Also depending whether the window has an anodised silver finish and has oxidized or a powder coated finish can affect the time taken to clean or restore the frame. Older aluminium windows were installed into timber sub-frames, we do not carry out remedial work to timber.

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