Leaded Lights

Traditional Leaded windows are an important architectural feature of many houses and very much part of the British Heritage. Whilst Leading serves no practical purpose today, Leaded windows can enhance a property of any age with character and charm.

Beautifully crafted replacement Leaded windows come with exciting choices. Not least, the opportunity to choose from an almost limitless range of colours, profiles, textures and styles for the look you want.

Leading is available in a variety of options. They are easy to clean and maintain so you can have the best of both worlds – the traditional look for your home with all the benefits of the latest in window technology.


We also repair traditional leaded lights

Traditional leaded light windows are becoming increasingly rare so retaining them is certainly of worth. Looked after correctly, leaded lights can last centuries, so routine maintenance is essential for their conservation.

At Andrews Glass we believe in preserving the existing fabric and restoring with traditional techniques. Old glass is becoming increasingly rare. Fortunately, saving original glass from run-down lead cames is usually achievable so retaining it is certainly of worth.

Where replication is necessary, replacement with historic traditionally crafted glass will depend primarily on the historic context of your leaded lights.

The same applies for lead work, which can usually be repaired or retained, if it is still soft and pliable. Even if the leaded lights do not need re-leading, the boundary lead will sometimes need replacing. In most cases the cement or putty will also need repairing or replacing entirely.

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