Bi-Fold Doors

Enjoy the luxury of contemporary living. Completely versatile to meet all your requirements, bi-fold doors offer a range of features to add beauty and value to your home

Liberate your home

Imagine open, wide spaces allowing air and light to flood into your home, instantly generating a contemporary look and feel. Made to provide maximum viewing areas, our bi-fold doors add the ‘wow’ factor to any property and can be installed where you require clear access to your patio or garden.

Improve your lifestyle

Amazingly flexible, with various fold options, you can open up an entire area during warm summer days or partially fold-back depending on the amount of fresh air and space you require. When closed, bi-fold doors offer shelter and warmth with no reduction in natural light, allowing you to stay connected to the

outside from the comfort of your home.

Enjoy modern living

With a choice of designs and guaranteed high-quality performance, our bi-fold doors bring you the space, comfort and low-maintenance luxury of modern living. Discover why more and more people are choosing Lifestyle bi-fold doors to add that extra dimension to their homes.

Improve your lifestyle

Our stylish doors are an excellent complement to patio or French doors and the ideal finish for conservatories. Their high-quality manufacture means they can be installed anywhere that you require a clear, wide access to your patio or garden. Bi-fold doors will create the perfect summer ambience, but it’s just as vital that they can withstand the harsh British winter. Our doors are manufactured with a square-edge profile. This gives a superior seal along door edges making them completely draught and weatherproof. Manufactured to BS7412, our doors meet the British Standard minimum requirements

for construction, security, safety, weather-tightness and strength of performance. This means behind its striking looks; your door is robust and built to last all-year-round.

Smooth, stylish designs

Lifestyle doors are designed for maximum visual impact, whether open or closed. Their slim profile provides a fantastic open view and, when fully open, our doors are extremely compact, enabling easy access between your home and the outside world. An easy glide, bottom rail concertina mechanism allows for a smooth, elegant entrance every day. With stunning aesthetics and an elegant design,

Lifestyle bi-fold doors make the ultimate entrance to contemporary living.

A style to suit your home

With a choice of contemporary colours and styles, you can create a look that is perfect for your home. Whether you want to match your existing décor, or make a stylish contrast, our doors offer the ultimate walkway from indoor to outdoor living.

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