Conservatory roof manufacturing technology has come a long way in the past 30 years and no more so than in the past 10 years. Advances in glass technology mean that a conservatory can be very thermally efficient and can reduce sun glare enabling you to use your conservatory all year round. A high performance glass roof allows a plentiful supply of natural light into your home and is available with many design styles and shapes to help you create a stunning space.


Classic Conservatory

The Classic Conservatory incorporates the latest high performance glass and can be complemented with a range of optional extras. Choose from traditional or contemporary styles and bring your garden into your home by using full height glazing and bi-folding, sliding or french doors.


Performance Conservatory

The Performance Conservatory features the latest super-insulated column technology which is five times more thermally efficient than standard brick columns. The inclusion of the decorative cornice gutter shroud gives a sense of grandeur to the conservatory externally, and internally, the plastered columns and insulated perimeter ceiling pelmet give a cosy feel to the room. Stunning to look at with superior thermal performance you will enjoy this conservatory all year round.


Designer Conservatory

The inclusion of the plastered perimeter ceiling pelmet automatically improves thermal performance. With the option to make it wider and completely filled with mineral wool insulation, this gives the look and feel of a ‘real room’ particularly with the fitment of lights or speakers. Choose from a range of decorative cornices to add shape and style to the outside while hiding the gutters.

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