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Glazing Services

Installing double glazing in your home is the most straightforward way to improve the energy efficiency and warmth in both traditional and modern homes. Double glazing works by using two panes of thick glass with a insulating gap using a spacer bar between them, this helps to keep your property warmer for longer by trapping warm air inside and keeping cold air out.


Installing double glazing has its benefits,  the potential to lower the amount of energy your home uses which is great for the environment reducing your carbon footprint and can help to reduce the costs of your heating bills too.


Double glazing is also great for sound-proofing a home, effectively reducing the effects of noise pollution due to its insulating features. We can provide quotations for specifically designed acoustic double glazing for particularly noisy areas.  


Double glazed units are specifically manufactured to size weather you are replacing a single double glazed unit or having a full house fitted with new double glazed units our expert glazers are on hand to measure and fit the units into a range of frames including UPVC and Timber. 


We can provide a variety of double-glazed units including clear, obscured glass, solar tinted, argon filled, either on a supply and fit or supply only basis. We also work with leaded double-glazed units and can replace your broken-down unit with a replacement that matches the original design.



Call now on 01279 725761 to arrange your free quotation.

Andrews Glass Double glazing
Andrews Glass Double glazing
Andrews Glass Double glazing
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