Get the WOW factor with Andrews Glass

Friday, 21st February 2020 by Liz

Bi-fold doors are a fantastic way to open up a space and to bring the inside and outside space together. They create an uninterrupted expanse that not only feels bigger but is also great for more social events too. Even when they are closed, they still bring in plenty of light, and by having a traffic door you can still have access to the garden without having to open it all up.

Bi-Fold Doors

Because your home makes a personal statement about you, we know that you want it to look its best. Bi-fold doors modernise and add value to your home, whilst you see the benefits of a lighter, brighter environment and enjoy the feeling of more space.

With a versatile choice of styles and colours (any ral number) this means your doors will compliment the existing design of your home, providing a smooth transition between indoors and outdoors. Imagine open, wide spaces allowing air and light to flood into your home, instantly generating a contemporary look and feel. Made to provide maximum viewing areas, bi-fold doors add the ‘wow’ factor to any property and can be installed where you require clear access to your patio or garden.

Amazingly flexible, with various fold options you can open up an entire area during warm summer days or partially fold back depending on the amount of fresh air and space you require. When closed bi-fold doors offer shelter and warmth with no reduction in natural light, allowing you to stay connected to the outside from the comfort of your home.

With a choice of designs and guaranteed high quality performance, bi-fold doors bring you the space, comfort and low maintenance luxury of modern living.

Main Advantages of Bi-fold doors


A stacking door system is a stunning feature in any family home and will massively increase the levels of natural light entering the room. Open or closed, this additional light will make a room look and feel larger.

Low Maintenance

Bi-folds require very little upkeep, requiring low to no-maintenance other than being left clean.

Flexible Configurations

When fully open, bi-fold doors are really compact. Regardless of whether they stack to the right or left, inside or out, they take up very little space.


Advice and Guidance

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more by calling 01279 725761 or emailing where are experienced team member will be able to discuss your requirements and provide you with pictures of recent projects we have completed rather than stock pictures from a brochure.