Door Maintenance with Andrews Glass

Saturday, 21st March 2020 by admin

To keep your door looking great for longer we recommend the following to help you get the very best from your door, how often will depend on where you live. For instance, a coastal or industrialised location, or near a busy road, may mean cleaning is required a little more often.


Cleaning your door

  • Wash the door and door frame with warm soapy water and a soft, lint free cloth to remove grime and atmospheric deposits.
  • Never use a pressure washer or steam cleaner.
  • Stubborn marks on the door frame may need to be tackled with a specialised PVC cleaner but please ensure you read the cleaning guidelines carefully so as to ensure suitability.
  • Under no circumstances should you use any solvent based or abrasive cleaners and avoid the use of any adhesives or tack for temporary fixing i.e. For seasonal or other decorations.


Maintaining your door

  • Once every six or so apply a little light engineering oil (such as 3 in 1 oil) on all moving parts of the lock, cylinder and hinges.
  • We also recommend that you help protect your door from possible natural thermal distortion by engaging the locking points by simply pulling up the handle each time you shut the door.


With a little care and attention your door should continue to look great for years to come.